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Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries - 2V Cells

Triumph SA is a premium design Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery. The battery works on Gas Recombination Principle with AGM technology and heavy duty Lead Calcium Grids.

Range : 80Ah to 600Ah


  • No water top-up required throughout its life

  • No corrosive fumes and hence no special battery rooms are required

  • Stackable design minimizes space requirements

  • Designed for high integrity & long life

  • Application specific designs

  • Customized layouts for optimum space utilization

  • Safe-Explosion-proof, leak-proof & flame-retardant material

  • Consistent performance over life time

  • Improved aesthetics

  • Easy installation


Triumph-SA is the best choice for applications where no maintenance and minimal space requirement are of utmost importance.

  • Telecommunications

  • Switch Gear

  • Process Control Systems

  • Railway Signaling & Communication

  • Renewable Energy

These Products Conform to: IEC 60896 part 2


Downloads :

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